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Thursday, February 19th, 2015

I though I would follow up the book-binding post with the finished product. I actually folded 10 signatures for this book, but that would have been ridiculously heavy since I have varying weights of paper included, from some sketch paper (guessing maybe 60 pound?) up to 140# watercolor paper. There is also various colors of card stock and other colored drawing papers. I wanted a good variety to push me to use some of the various pens I have with more variety.

BookMaking002 This is my first coptic binding. It was recommended to use waxed linen thread, which I did, but what I used seemed a bit too heavy so I might try in single next time, not doubled as the tutorial suggested.  I opened the book flat on the scanner bed but the spine was then hidden, so I held it up for a scan and just added it as an inset.

I still want to finish up my previous journal¬† before I start using this one, but I think it will still not be just for sketching…there will be add-ins, lists, collage bits and random notes as this seems to be a journal style I have settled into these days. A bit catch all, but still less involved than I would like it to be. Maybe a little more forcing of it onto myself is in order to develop consistency.

I also have some office knitting going on. It is the scarf I started while working registration for our annual conference. OnTheNeedles001I am using some untagged handspun that I vaguely remember spinning, but I am not at all sure where it is from or what exact fiber it is, but I am thinking a wool silk blend. The pattern is the Multidirectional Diagonal Scarf. I have knit this many times before and I like how it responds to self striping yarns. This is mostly a heavy fingering/sport weight that I chain plied to keep the colors together, and I am knitting on a size US6 needle. It’s only 4 ounces of fiber and it was already wound into a cake when I picked it up, so I am not sure about the yardage. the scarf is already about three and a half feet long and I am guessing it will end up nearly 6 feet long and is about 5 inches wide.