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It’s so cute!

Wednesday, January 11th, 2012

Last night I went into the stash to pull yarn to match up with my new patterns. I had success and now have 6 kits awaiting knitting. I was contemplating which to start, and I just didn’t feel like winding yarn. Instead, I found a few luxuriously soft single skeins of a discontinued yarn, Classic Elite Miracle. I had bought this in three shades to start a sampler blanket with it because it is an amazingly soft alpaca tencel blend. I have this ball and a blue and taupe color. It never happened.

I decided to knit some baby things with it. I used a bit less than half to make this newborn size hat and I think I will make a pair of simple booties to go with it. And then make the same set in the other colors as well. Baby gifts on hand will be used as gifts or donated to charity and either way it’s out of the stash. I haven’t made a decision yet, but if I can knit down my stash by half, I can get a spinning wheel!

The above hat is Baby Hat from Leigh Radford’s One Skein.

First FO of 2012

Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

This isn’t actually the first finished object. Before finishing this I actually frogged 5 projects on New Year’s Day. That’s still finished, right? And of the frogged projects, three of them were completely finished, all the ends sewn in and everything. I just wasn’t pleased with them and didn’t think anyone would actually use them if I sent them as gifts or for my ongoing gratitude project. And the yarn they were knit with was too nice to just toss in the goodwill bag. So the yarn has been restashed, and something else will become of it.

This sweater is made from Liberty Wool Printby Classic elite. It is the third one I have made with the same pattern and yarn, although each has been a different colorway. The first one was for the ever fabulous miss Ella. I like the Liberty Wool for a baby sweater because it is machine washable, and while I can appreciate the heirloom qualities of a lot of non-machine-washable wools, I wouldn’t do that to a new mother.

I posted the finished sweater for Ella here on the blog and then shared it via fb, and Aunt Patty saw it and said she wanted to make one, so I went to visit her and the plan was for us to both knit one over the weekend. I finished mine and after trying it on Crystal’s horse, and her being delighted by it, I gave it to her. But then AP had other ideas and asked if she could buy it from me so she has it to give to her friend for her daughter when she has a child. But her friend has two daughters and she was having some trouble with the knitting as her meds have affected her ability to concentrate. She had gotten to where the sleeves start and I told her to not let it frustrate her and to just send it to me to finish if it wasn’t working out. So she did…and I did. And this sweater is then the third one I have knit. AP had ripped out what she had done so I could start fresh…wasn’t that nice of her?

Here is the second FO of 2012. This would have been finished in 2011 if not for Clare, Spawn of Satan. The first sock whipped off the needles, practically knitting itself. About half way through the second sock, I went to the project bag to get the first to count how many rows I had knit so they would match, but it wasn’t there. I also hadn’t remembered seeing it loos on the coffee table. I was instantly aware of the possibility that the Spawn of Satan had indulged her fetish for shredding with my precious new sock.

When we got home from work, sure enough, said sock was out in the yard (in the rain no less, double sad…) with its freshly turned heel gone…just gone…sad…but because I knit socks for myself so short, I had plenty of yarn to knit a third one to make the pair. Also because it was for myself and I was feeling lazy, I closed the toe with a three needle bindoff because the seam just doesn’t bother me…

So now that I have finished two projects (7 actually, counting the frogged ones), I get to cast on for a new one. I am thinking a clapotis in some stunning silk I have floating in the stash…maybe…I might also swatch Laady Eleanor with the same silk to see if it is worth it or not. I think either wrap will be stunning with the skein I have…

You did what?

Friday, October 28th, 2011

I got a message from my son recently about a batman hat I knit him a few years ago. Before he even had to beat around the bush, I had guessed that he washed it and well, its no longer a hat that will fit a human…so he asked if I could knit him another one and of course, I said sure.

I looked (sort of) for my pattern notes because I know I did something to tweak the chart so it could be knit smaller. As it is, it is designed for a child’s pullover and is a bit too large for a hat. I made adjustments and the hat came out great and because it was early in my knitting career and I was impressed with myself, I made notes in my knitting journal (a habit I have let slide).¬† They weren’t where I thought they were and I didn’t look further, but decided to just wing it.

I found the right colors in my stash of Lamb’s Pride worsted leftover from another project. I also had a pattern for a hat that used Lamb’s Pride and I used that for the numbers, and then I had the chart for the logo.

I should have done it intarsia, but I really dislike intarsia. Instead, I decided to do it strandedm hence the checkerboard around the back.

I might go back into the stash and see if I have some other wool that might work, and if so, I think I might knit another one…you know, one with better tension and no twisted stitches…one better planned so the numbers work out…but until that happens, I know William will be delighted with this one and deem it perfect.

Sweetie Pie Hat

Thursday, May 5th, 2011

It’s just about the cutest thing ever…it’s a safe bet that there might be a theme of cutest thing ever recurrung here for a while. There is a new baby girl to knit for…the Fabulous Miss Ella…

I went to Nimblefingers to pick up a pair of size 6 circs with a longer cable and there was a display of Bambino Taffy yarn from Be Sweet. I always like their pretty yarns, but they can be a bit pricey if you have a larger project in mind. I don’t generally mind this because of their fair trade status, and this hat was a one ball project so I snatched it right up.

I got home on Tuesday and had some sushi for dinner and then I set to work casting on and getting started. From its picot hem to its lacey hearts, I had smooth sailing. On the last row of the hearts I was off two stitches and I knew right away I had dropped or missed two yarn-overs, so I found them and it was a pretty easy fix. Also a good place to stop for the night.

On Wednesday I picked it back up and sludged through the bobbles. Not my favorite thing to knit, but as it is a baby hat, they numbered just few enough to comply with the pattern direction. Once past those, it was a few rows before the crown decreases and i-cord ties.

Oh my! just about 24 hours later and it is finished! Cutest Hat Ever (number 1) for the Fabulous Miss Ella!!


Tuesday, April 19th, 2011

Elizabeth Zimmermann was brilliant, I can’t say it often enough. I always complain (in a loving knitterly way) about her patterns being obtuse, but I am so charmed by her writing style that I try, try again. And when I finally have success, well damn it, I feel pretty brilliant myself. I honestly think that even if I wasn’t a knitter, I would be enamored with her books.

This is the February Baby Sweater just now cast off. I started it on Saturday. Saturday! There are two little seams to be sewn on down the arms and that is it. It is effing brilliant. And cute? It has the corner on cuteness. All I need to do is sew a few buttons on and it will be on its way…


Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

It was so easy to blog every day when color week was going on…having that prompt made it more necessary in my brain, I guess. Today, my brain is just misfiring, so there shall be no cohesion or effort toward such in this post. You’ve been warned.

Last week I had a little knitter finishing spree and I finished up 4 older projects. Do I have pics? No…but I was feeling very accomplished and most of the items will end up in the gift/sale bin. I did manage to cet a scna of the Traveling Woman shawl.

I started and finished this on our trip to South Africa. It’s knit from Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn and it is a nicely saturated mix of denim blues. It was headed to the gift pile, but Elizabeth put a stop to that, gently suggesting we keep it. The pattern was quick and relativelt easy and I think I am going to knit it agin, maybe in some Malabrigo silky merino.

In lieu of finishing up a few things, I finally cast on for another Lady Eleanor wrap. I will leave musings on LAdy E to her own post because really, she deserves lots of eye candy. I am using some Noro Silk Garden Lite that I bought a few years back just for her.

I am a little concerned about the Round robin Journal project I started in one of my Ravelry groups. I make every effort to not be attached, and this doesn’t feel like attachment as much as just wanting it to progress to its conclusion. It should be over already, and I have only gotten 4 of the 9 journals, one of them my own. It seems to have stalled out and I am at a loss for how to nudge it along. All things in time, I guess.

On another journal note, I am getting ready to participate in a Frida Kahlo round robin journal swap. I am mostly ready and still have about a week and a half before my journal must be mailed. I am trying to not be intimidated by the project. I sort of feel like I don’t knw enough about Frida to do a page in 11 journals, but I think it will evolve for me as I go so I am not stressing about it or anything, but it is on my mind.

I am also trying to keep momentum with my online journal class and really the only thing for that is just doing the artwork. I find a spurt of desire around it every few days and have just been going with that particular flow.

Maybe now that some of this has spilled out ontot he page so to speak, my brain might get back on track…maybe…

Color Week White/Grey

Saturday, May 22nd, 2010

The final day of color week was a choice of either white/grey or rainbow. You might think I would play the gay card and choose rainbow, but since a lot of my other knitting was more than just the color of the day, I decided to go with whites/grey instead.

The white tam is called Snow¬† Star Hat and is from the first issue of St-Denis magazine and by Veronique Avery. I couldn’t find her new yarn Nordique and substituted Nashua Creative Focus from my stash. The hat was a challenge from some knitter friends. We challenged each other to be out of our knitting comfort zones. Cabling makes me a little manic, so it qualified. I think the weight of the yarn itself was okay but I should have used a smaller needle. The hat is, umm, big, but Elizabeth says she likes it. I still think maybe it should be reknit a little tighter.

The scarf is a basic fisherman’s lace stitch with some not so basic yarn from out trip to Alaska. While there I bought a few luscious skeins from anindie dyer, Raven Frog Fiber Arts. If you ever cruise Alaska, you will find her stuff everywhere. I think this was called twisted and it came in a lovely 8 ox hank. I made three of these scarves with her yarn, one going to Sally as part of the Gratitude Project, and the other two living right here with me. This colorway is called Glacier. You have to be in good light to see even the slightest hint of blue in the mostly white and greys. Definitely would like more of this yarn.

Color Week Lello…

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

Doesn’t every kid at some point say lello for yellow? For color week, hosted by curious lisa (linked left) Wednesday is yellow day.

Skully is a sweater I knit for Elizabeth. I don’t really know what I was thinking, but it was back in the days when I followed the pattern pretty much to the letter. I have since learned a thing or two. Next week I am going to learn about steeking. That is when you cut an opening in your knitting, in this case, I am turning this pullover into a cardigan and will be cutting right up the middle. Scary stuff.

The scarf is made from some handspun I got and Terri pretty quickly charmed it right off my neck. I don’t remember who the mitts went to, but Malabrigo is luscious and whoever has them I am sure is loving their softness and warmth. I usually have a pair at my desk as they are ideal in the frigid office, just enough to take the chill off, though they might appear odd with a sleeveless summer blouse. Please know, that never stops me from sliding a pair on. I think maybe I will knit up a pair today to take in tomorrow, ready when I need them.

The wrap is called Just Enough Ruffles. A nice quick knit and currently sitting in my Gratitude Project basket waiting for me to decide who it belongs to.

Color week Blues

Tuesday, May 18th, 2010

Tuesday is bluesday for color Week. curious Lisa, linked left is hosting color week. I decided to use my knitting so you all just have to look at it and sigh…

The first is a hat I made for Sherri. Second a cotton scarf for allergic to wool Susan. Third is an Irish hiking Scarf for Kim from some lusciously soft tweedy blue stuff. Fourth, some malabrigo mitts for my mom. and fifth a warm cabled hat for Ann.