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Well, why not?

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

I just posted this on my fb page, and I am adding it here to maybe broaden the audience.

April is National Letter Writing Month. I will enter everyone I receive a letter from between now and May 7th into a drawing for something fabulous hand made by me! Who needs my address?

recycle x2

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

Last week I was working on a spread for the Round Robin Journal exchange project I started. The journal that I was working in was a simple composition book and I was a little leery about doing a collage page on such flimsy paper. To get around this, I simply glued a few pages together to make a sturdy base. It worked really well and once it dried, I went on to do this spread…

This image is before pen work and eventual text was added. It is worked using layout templates from the online journaling class A life Made By Hand with Kelly kilmer, both linked to the left. The class has been a great inspiration and totally worth it.

The success of this got me to thinking, since the paper is going to be covered by collage anyway, why not use the paper I have to print for various work things that gets tossed in the trash anyway. I have a stack of it that I reuse in various ways already, but not nearly as fast as it is piling up.

I then jumped my thoughts to recycled covers. I had a padded cd mailer that my mom hd sent me something in and I just cut three sides of that off to make aninstant cover. I am not sure if glue will stick to the cover as it is somewhat non-porous, but I think sharpies will work on it at the very least.

I then folded some of my recycled pages in half and trimmed them square with the paper cutter. I will stitch them up into a book when I get home tonight and then I will glue some of the pages together to have the beginnings of another art journal.

Not to be discounted are the trimmed pieces. I have a stack of *bux coffee sleeves sitting on my desk. I cut them open along one of the sides and stapled in some of the trimmed scraps, again trimming to the appropriate length. I got 4 little notepads out of the scraps from the journal pages.

I like making the journal books from the heavy watercolor paper, but I also like the totally recycled from waste version. Most of all I guess I like that I can choose to make either. Need one?

I am going to take one on a trip with me this weekend and with any luck, fill it up with some beautiful shared art…time to play with pens!!


Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

I discovered yesterday that my neighborhood has qualified for the new automated recycling program. We have had curbside recycling with an 18 gallon bin. That is totally indufficient for the two of us, and was problematic when we had 2 grown boys full time.

The new automated program uses a 96 gallon wheeled, lidded bin, much like our existing trash bin. The biggest difference is that they will now be accepting glass(but not plate or ceramic glass) as well as more kinds of plastics (1-5 and 7 if I remember correctly). Glass has been way problematic and that change alone will greatly reduce what we throw away.We can also now recycle magazines.

In other recycling news, last night I made two new journals. The first one
has affectionately been dubbed my Jew journal. If you have been reading
my blog for any length of time, you might remember an email tirade I suffered from my darling FIL where he listed the many reasons he could no longer suffer my company. I am a Jew was number one on the list, but the list also included that I was a woman, and had been “promiscuous with negroes”. Newer readers, I kid you not…

A few months ago, I made an art journal using Teesha Moore’s tutorials on youtube. She makes an 8×10 16 page journal from one 22×30 sheet of 140# watercolor paper. The first attempt to hand tear the paper was something less than successful, but I knew I could salvage most of the paper and make a smaller journal.

When I finished the most recent box of matzoh, I thought the box was big enough to be the journal cover. I had to do a little tweaking with the design I knew about for sewing the forms, and then I totally winged it when sewing the two forms together. But for its intended purpose, my Jew journal was born rather painlessly.

Once I finished the first one, the gears in my brain started to turn and I went and looked through the stash of bags we have. We always reuse the *bux bags, but I actually had one from xmas that was in respectable condition. Out came the scissors and bristol weight paper.

This journal is pretty small and has two signatures of 6 folded pages each. I passed it along to Elizabeth and will get onto making some more of these. My next step is to see how many pages I can include before I get a feeling of too many. I might also try using various papers to see what mix I like best. I think the Bristol paper having a little more heft lends itself nicely to artistic meanderings. I am going to use the other journal to experiment more with the pastels and maybe even with the watercolor pencils I have.

An update…

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

I have been knitting with unspun fiber from Susan at Yarnorama in Paige, Texas. The before image of the fiber is pictured a few posts back. I have done a few rows more than pictured here, but this is a good representations of the colors. I really like the organic feel of the finished product. There is enough weight for the shawl (when finished) to be very warm, yet also a nice amount of drape. I am at a point where I need to switch to a circular needle because my stitches are getting a little crowded. I forgot to make note of what size needles these are, but I think it might be a US 8 or 9.

It’s magic.

In the mail x2…or…and it’s only March 5th…

Friday, March 5th, 2010

I just put my second RRJ2010 (my own being the first) journal into the mail. I had fun working with the pastel pots again and plan to use them more in the near future. The spread, or rather creating it, went a long way toward averting (hopefully cutting off and not just postponing) me being in a bad movie. I have come to accept that they just happen and it is better to just go a long for the ride than to fight it, but it can be disconcerting to feel a bad movie coming on and feel helpless to prevent it. So if playing with bright pastels is a bandaid, who am I to argue.

I just reread that and it sounds way more dramatic than it really is. But it is, nonetheless. Allow me to present HermitCrab@Sunrise…

I did a little more doodling after this scan, and I entered more text, some thoughts on bad movies, and sent it on its way. One down and 8 more to go.

The other things in the mail (and it’s only March 5th) are wood cut puzzles we bought the nephews while we were in South Africa. We have almost been home as long as we were gone, and they are already in the mail. This is a real accomplishment.

Tomorrow is looking to be a full day. I have a knitting class from 10-3, Continental immersion. I know how to continental knit, but only knit. In this class I will learn to purl, increase and decrease. It will force me out of my comfort zone and into a learning zone.I have heard nothing but good about rose’s class, so I am looking forward to it just a little.

Other potentials on tomorrow’s to-do list include the farmer’s market before class (depends on if I get up early enough), and a visit to Texas Art Supply after class (to pick up a few more colors of the pastel pots), as well as a desire to go to the First Saturday Heights art market(depends on the weather and my energy level after class). Oh…and I have a groupon for Metaphysical Matrix that expires soon, so I have to go by there, too, and Spec’s…  I think there is a pretty good liklihood that I will at the very least get to the art supply store, and maybe even do that tonight.