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Tuesday, August 17th, 2010

I suppose I have to consider the years we did Emerald Pillows when I think of being a published artist, but I am officially a published visual artist!

Yesterday, I received my artist’s copy of Four Word Self Help by my dear friend Patti Digh of the blog 37 days. I answered the call for artists and am honored to have been chosen.

I used one of my dad’s photos from the 50s and created the piece RIP Stella. The pic is from Stella Podharsky’s viewing and when I asked my dad who Stella was, he said “Probably just some immigrant my mom and pop knew from the old days.” I have subsequently asked other family members about Stella, and no one knows (or remembers) who she was. And now she has been memorialized in printsome 6o plus years later.


words for journaling

Friday, August 6th, 2010

I found these alphabets from a link from Kelly Kilmer’s blog (linked left) and made these which I put up for anyone to use as they would like.words


Thursday, August 5th, 2010

I am on my way. I started the Little Sheep rug hooking kit this week. I reserve my official opinion until I am done, but it is a much slower and deliberate crafting experience for me.

It is pretty straight forward in terms of process: insert hook, pull up loop, repeat. My challenge lies in finding a happy point of focus. My glasses are tri focal and I absolutely hate them. Well, hate might be too strong a word. I don’t find they work as they are supposed to. Rather than shifting my eyes to find the correct focus for the part of the lens I am meant to be using, I still find myself sliding the glasses up and down my nose or moving what I am reading closer or farther away. It’s no more a pain in the ass than my old single focus lenses were and honestly, that the focus changes in the lens isn’t a help at all.

For my rug hooking effort, I can manage the loops at what you might think is the obvious standard way to use the hoop, at arms length or in or around my lap. But then there is the backing material with its tiny grid pattern. To be slear in how I am using that, it is a bring it close and look over the top of my glasses thing. So the hooking goes much slower than I thought it would, and it becomes something needing a very deliberate concentration. There is a Houston group that meets the third Saturday of the month and I might join them this month to see if I am maybe overlooking the obvious.

All in all, it isn’t unpleasant, it is just slower and requiring more attention that I thought.