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Still painting FEARLESSly…

Wednesday, July 6th, 2011

This is the last painting for my BIG class. class is officially over, but I am not quite done with this painting. For the final installment we were challenged to paint creative juicy BIG by taping 4 of our regular BIG papers together. I jumped right in.

Meet Max. He is my grandfather and he died while my mom was pregnant with me. Max and Anna came to the US in the 1920s from Poland if I have the story right. The only thing I have of him is a pocket watch that doesn’t keep time. I am sure I could have it restored, but I am not ready to part with it yet so it sits either on my bedside table or sometimes in my pocket. I go for long stretches of time where I just put it in my pocket when I get dressed in the morning without any formal thought, just as if it were something I did every day, or as if it actually kept time in a useful manner.

Besided the watch, a have about a dozen pictures my dad took of Max in the 50s. In almost all of them, Max is standing holding the day’s catch, most off a large flounder (or some other large flat fish). In one of them my grandmother is holding up a tape measure that is at least 3 feet long, maybe longer. When I started to paint this, it was from the memory of the photos.

One of these days I will figure out why the automatic setting on my camera doesn’t take a good picture. I take full responsibility in this and I am not at all blaming the camera. This is a camera my dad used a lot in his final years and he took awesome pictures with it. Much in the same way I am not a painter, I am not a photographer and I usually leave that to Elizabeth because she takes some groovy awesome pictures. I know my artistic strengths lie elsewhere. but for the purposes of blogging or sharing online, my crappy pictures will do just fine.

This painting is 58×80. If that is creative juicy BIG, I don’t know what is. I am not sure
Max is a finished painting, but I might be finished with Max. The point of the class is painting for process, not product, and since this painting isn’t going anywhere beyond maybe the garage wall, I might just call it finished. I don’t want to sell myself short and not finished, but I might rather get on with it and be painting something else. Maybe. I will knit a few more rows and ponder…

In other artsy news, I have started keeping a sketch book on my desk at work and am trying to do a page a day. I might post those here and I might not. What would the world do without these updates?