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No yoga this week…

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Tomorrow is another day. That’s the best I’ve got. No excuses because frankly, it’s TMI…Aunt flo and all that is associated with her is all you need to know.

You did what?

Friday, October 28th, 2011

I got a message from my son recently about a batman hat I knit him a few years ago. Before he even had to beat around the bush, I had guessed that he washed it and well, its no longer a hat that will fit a human…so he asked if I could knit him another one and of course, I said sure.

I looked (sort of) for my pattern notes because I know I did something to tweak the chart so it could be knit smaller. As it is, it is designed for a child’s pullover and is a bit too large for a hat. I made adjustments and the hat came out great and because it was early in my knitting career and I was impressed with myself, I made notes in my knitting journal (a habit I have let slide).  They weren’t where I thought they were and I didn’t look further, but decided to just wing it.

I found the right colors in my stash of Lamb’s Pride worsted leftover from another project. I also had a pattern for a hat that used Lamb’s Pride and I used that for the numbers, and then I had the chart for the logo.

I should have done it intarsia, but I really dislike intarsia. Instead, I decided to do it strandedm hence the checkerboard around the back.

I might go back into the stash and see if I have some other wool that might work, and if so, I think I might knit another one…you know, one with better tension and no twisted stitches…one better planned so the numbers work out…but until that happens, I know William will be delighted with this one and deem it perfect.

getting started all over again…

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Vacation was most excellent. As I already said, I got off track with the tracking, but I know I didn’t go overboard in any area, and I actually did a lot more exercise (walking mostly) than I normally do. The result is basically that I didn’t lose any ground and that is okay with me. My weight didn’t budge, but a pair of shorts that were more snug than I care for actually fit perfectly right now, so something is going on.

This week has been a lot of catching up and trying to just find my space to be where I am supposed to be. That included picking up a few groceries and getting back to preparing foods and not stopping for the convenience, although I do feel that our convenience stops by design are not all that terrible a choice.

If it is breakfast, it is usually El Rey, a Cuban/Mexican local chain. I get their potato and egg tacos and they come in at somewhere under 300 calories each and are made with all fresh ingredients. I could make these at home but there would inevitably be a lot of waste. Before getting on the current plan, I had a bit of an El Rey obsession and was going nearly every day for a while.

If it isn’t El Rey, it’s Old Towne Kolache. Their kolaches are made fresh and I have a ham ranchero or 2 sausage and cheese. Again, this comes in around 300 calories, and they are made fresh in the store. I think the ranchero is the better choice since the sausage in the others are processed, but the ham ranchero is the only variety I like and all too often, they run out (hence the sausage and cheese). They can be a little hit or miss though, so we tend to go here less frequently than in the past.

I not limit going to either of these places to once a week. That’s a little bit of discipline on my part, and it’s early in the plan, but I think this is a pretty sure thing.

I also really like the Honey Buttered Chicken Biscuit from Whataburger but it comes in a little closer to 600 calories, so I limit them (or plan to) to about once a month and I make certain that it is what I really want.

As for *bux, the other guilty pleasure of my morning hours, a chai latte falls under 300 calories, but violates my desire to be drinking water only til the end of the year. On vacation I think I had 4 of them. I might have had 5, but I don’t think so. The problem with chai isn’t so much the calories as the frequency. I could easily have one every day, which in itself isn’t such a big deal. What makes me feel a need to limit this is more from the desire to reel in excess. I usually get a grande and this comes in at just under $4. Even is I went every day, I don’t feel $28 a week is excessive…I am totally worth it, but when I extrapolate that out further to $120 a month, there are other things I might rather do with $120. So what would I rather do with $1440 at the end of a year? Yes, let’s reel in some excess and limit *bux to twice a week (once during, and once on the weekend) or less.

Food on vacation was a challenge in that I wasn’t cooking. Mostly I handled this by deciding what on my plate seemed reasonable and stopping once I ate that much even if it was too good to not finish. Not once did I leave the table uncomfortably full and that is getting a little easier each time I realize I am doing it.

The next step on the journey is getting my ass back to yoga class and that didn’t happen this week, but it definitely (ahem) will next week.

Off track(ing)

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

Not terribly astray, but have been on vacation since last Friday and not tracking what I am eating. I don’t think I have really gone over calories on any day. My worst sins are having had a chai and two pepsis and I can totally live with that. Enough so that I will be having chai this morning because I need something yummy to wash down the zyrtec. Scout and Ripkin, good friend irene’s cats, know nothing about allergies and I am their best girlfriend ever…