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May is almost out the door…

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

Not much happening here. I am doing fairly well with the eating choices for the most part. I feel that there is an ongoing shift in my resolve to be more fully committed to healthy choices with each week that passes. There is still an ongoing battle with peanut butter m&ms though there has been a shift with that, too. I feel if I am craving something, my body is trying to tell me something. The level of craving seems to fluctuate and when it is really high, I get them, no recriminations. I do my best to enjoy them with a healthy dose of reason.

We joined up with anewish CSA sort of program called Farmhouse Delivery. They have been an Austin company and have recently begun servicing Houston, too. Unlike a traditional CSA where you prepay at the beginning of the season (or year in some cases), there is a weekly charge to your credit card and you can start at any time. Everything is locally sourced and if not organic, sustainably grown. We got our first bin from them yesterday and between that and the garden we have going, our healthful choices are going to be ratcheted up a notch or two. The mango we got yesterday was a bit too ripe to slice but have no fear, it didn’t go to waste. I cut it open and got all of the fruit into the blender and then blended it with some vanilla ice cream. It was a perfect use for it. We also had a small pizza using a locally pre-made crust from the Farmhouse additional shopping options. I spread the crust with a tbs of olive oil and then sliced up one of the heirloom tomatoes we got, some basil from the garden and some locally made mozzarella. Oh, and carmellized onions. Tres delish. With the pizza we had a small caprese salad. Definitely a modest dinner compared to how we used to eat.

I did my month of 1000 calories as suggested by the doc and the scale still hasn’t moved an any appreciable way. I take that to confirm I am eating too few calories (even when I was eating 1500. So not I am going to shift the other way.

The online calculators I have tried say to maintain my weight I should be eating any where from 2347 to 3818. My doctor said to make the math easy, 3000. The calculator that factored in the most specific info says 2700, and the average of the high and low is 3082. The last time I was actively losing, I think I was eating about 2200, and if I take the docs 3000 and take off 500 cals from that per day to lose a planned pound a week, that puts me at 2500 a day. For the next month, that will be my daily goal and we’ll see what happens.

Post Race Post

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

I try to never say never, but I don’t think  I will be doing that again any time soon. I’m glad I did it and I am equally glad to have finished, but it wasn’t in any way fun or inspiring. The experience has left me a little flat. I know that all my cons would be moderated had I followed through better with my planned training, but there just aren’t any pros. I went to the website with the photos from the race photographers, and while I didn’t expect than any of them would be flattering, I feel so much better than I look in these photos. Of course that makes me wonder if I am just deeper in denial than usual.

I have a bruise on my right big toe under the nail and I am pretty sure it is from the 5k. I think my toe nail was a smidge too long to be walking in a sneaker that long, and I think as a result I injured the nail bed and have a lovely bruise. I am hoping I don’t lose the nail, but that is what it feels like might be going on with it. I also had a huge blister post race on the underside of the same toe that has since resolved itself. I was expecting my shins would be sore, but they weren’t, but for the 13,000 plus steps I did on race day (first time my FitBit went past 10k steps), I didn’t get past 2,000 steps the day after because my feet hurt so much. Still a good weekend step average, but not something I want to be striving for.

Just. Didn’t. Like. It.

The past week I have taken a sort of break from the juicing. I have still been doing the fruit blends in the morning but something is off with my digestive crud and I am trying to get that back on track a little. In addition to that, we will be on vacation for 2 weeks and I want to not be going from juice to not while on the road. Still undecided about packing the cooler. I think we will be making more effort to be stopping where there is a grocery store available so we can have some better choices. It’s all good.