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inspriation images for August/September CTA-SAL

Friday, July 27th, 2012



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What happened to June?

Monday, July 2nd, 2012

My loss of the month of June seems very fitting. It flows right into how I have been feeling in a why bother sort of way. Uninspired. totally.

Since joining up with Farmhouse Delivery, my eating has been the most nutritionally sound ever. I am making every effort to not throw anything away and only passing on the items I know I will not eat. For example? Two weeks ago we got some okra and I had every intention of using it in a stir fry recommended by my friend Mariet that she insisted keeps the Okra fresh and crisp, and not at all slimy. I just didn’t get to it and had to throw it out. So when okra showed up again last week, I passed it on to one of my coworkers who I know finds it delightful. Inspiring, even. I still have carrots from two weeks ago that are crisp and will cook them up tonight with some ginger and honey. I also still have an acorn squash that I am not yet sure how I will cook. Maybe baked and stuffed with wild rice, but the acorn squash has a longer shelf life so I can think about it a bit further.

Tomorrow we see a new delivery. It might have figs or blackberries and I might eat them upon delivery because figs? Can’t get enough of fresh figs, ever.

Then there is our first garden. It is nothing short of a success where the tomatoes and cucumbers are concerned. I might turn into tomatoes and cucumbers. I have been eating them every day for lunch (at work). I bring in a cuke, and a handful of small tomatoes and if I have one, a small avocado. sliced up with a sprinkling of salt and pepper, or a dribble of balsamic if I have remembered to bring some.  Add to that a few stone ground wheat crackers and I am more than full on few calories. Possible too few, but what’s to be done about that if full?

I feel it’s an issue of concentration in some way, and I just can’t be bothered to find consistency in tracking. The fitbit was going strong for the first six months, but the last couple of weeks I have been a fitbit slacker and I am currently trying to get back into it. I feel that the inconsistencies are even in my thoughts as I am composing this post, and I fear that my incoherence is pretty blatant. I feel the best path for the moment is to just sort of go with it. My eating is under control for the most part, and I am definitely eating the right foods. The real exception to this is the peanut butter m&ms. I am better having them on hand then not. When I don’t have them available, I resort to more of a binge sort of situation. When they are available, an ounce of them in the evening is more than satisfying. But still, I would rather not be eating them as much as I am, but at least it is under control for the most part.

I can’t seem to focus on tracking and eating well simultaneously, so I am going to focus on what I am eating and not worry about calories because with it being so produce heavy I am still moving toward improved health. I was hoping to have seen some progress by now, but the scale still doesn’t move so I will focus as much as possible on improved health rather than weight loss.