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Thursday, March 28th, 2013

We lead a pretty quiet life to most people’s standards, sometimes bordering on hermit status. However, lately, I have felt a bit caught up in the whirlwind effect. My mind seems to be flying from one thing to the next in rapid succession. It isn’t overwhelming, but it seriously needs to slow down a bit.

Two weeks ago we had company which was a treat. Then last week I was away in the Hill Country for a spinning retreat with Judith MacKenzie. Now that woman really is a whirlwind. She is up pretty early in the morning and goes mostly noon-stop until midnight. And she is 70. Or in her 70s. Simply amazing and so very generous with her time, knowledge and talent.

Of course before leaving for the retreat, and while there was company, work was chaos getting ready to be gone for a week. Then upon my return on Monday work was again chaos trying to get caught up. Which I pretty much just did. And tomorrow we are off for the holiday Yeehaw!

I fear it might be a while before my brain assimilates the massive amount of information I took in last week, and of course, there are a few new tools I would like to acquire. If you have a drum carder, hackle/combs set, flip loom, or Scandinavian bobbin winder you’d care to part with, please keep me in mind.

My most recent spinning project from the CTA group on Ravelry was a Polworth/Cashmere/Silk blend in a color called Storm’s Edge.

CTA_SAL_SouthernCrossFinished3I was able to spin consistently and ended up with 900 yards of light fingering weight (chain-ply). I am really pleased with the results. I took it with me as my car knitting on the way to the retreat and knit a bit on it each morning.

The only modification to the pattern (Lady Eleanor) was to add one additional base triangle.

CTA_SAL_StormsEdgePCS_WIP002So far, it’s looking pretty good and has me totally enamored. I love it when the yarn does most of the work to make a truly one of a kind garment. And I double love this because I spun it myself!


Friday, March 1st, 2013

Digital StillCameraI took this picture because I was excited about the seeds I was starting in our new mini greenhouse. Stuff was sprouting after just three days but I have to say, this picture is so last week. I will take some more over the weekend because they are really doing well. I think this might be the cucumber seeds and they are easily 4-5 inches tall already.

Really, I wanted to post to see if my new setup is working properly. I think it is, but still have some things to figure out about it. I’m not convinced that this is the template for me, and of course only time will tell. When I first set it up, I thought there was a choice about having a front page so my current challengeis to either find that setting option, or just get used to the way it is and evaluate otherwise if I like it enough to keep it.