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And then there were two…

Tuesday, June 25th, 2013

012311_lilliI started to post this morning about Lilli Munster passing into the ether on Sunday and the words just didn’t come. She has been my shadow for so long, it strikes me as odd when I realize she isn’t there. The silence is what brings it home the most.

There was an unpredictable and unfortunate incident with Katy, out most recent addition, and her reaction was as instantaneous as Lilli’s passing. Poof. Everything has changed. We decided we had to surrender Katy because at best we would worry constantly when we were not home with her, and neither Elizabeth nor myself could handle the thought of coming home to something having happened to either of our other dogs. So in the course of an hour on Sunday, we went from a noisy environment filled with four yappy dogs to a rather somber environment…and then there were two…

Trying again…

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

There was something about the last template that I didn’t quite care for and since I would prefer things simpler,and I couldn’t quite put my finger on what was bugging me, I am opting for a new one. Woohoo! I get to change my mind!!

I went out to the garden this morning to cut some herbs for a coworker and guess what I found at the parsley buffet?Digital StillCamera Not one, or two, as seen in this pic, but about half a dozen what I think are black swallowtails in the making. I wasn’t upset about this because this was parsley I salvaged from last fall’s plantings that I just tore apart and stuck in the edge of the bed. It came back nicely and there is more in another location.These caterpillars are huge and I rather like the butterflies when they morph, so as long as they confine their dining to the parsley, we won’t have any issues.

Also in the garden, the sweet banana pepper is on a tear. Digital StillCameraI have already harvested from this plant twice, and there are about a dozen or so more ready to pick by the weekend. I am trying to think of these peppers as snack food and I do like them, but it remains to be seen that if they are eaten in quantity if they equally like me. The jalapeno plant has been pretty prolific as well, and the bell pepper has been less so, but more so than last year.

We continue to move more toward a vegetarian diet. I think we will always be confirmed flexitarians, but meat is less and less a part of it for us. The past year has been strong with these sorts of transitions.

last week we watched the Engine 2 video on Netflix. I have been planning to do the month of July as total veg, so the 28 day challenge from Engine 2 seems appropriate. We would start sooner, but have company here for a week and don’t want to force our choices, and rather than throw everything out that isn’t challenged approved, we will take the next 2 weeks to use up some stuff.

The hardest part of this for me, is not using olive oil when cooking veg. This plans advocates using veg stock or water to saute and I did a trial run a couple of days ago and it just isn’t comparable. I appreciate that it is something I need to get used to and that 28 days of it will shift my palate so I am committing to this wholeheartedly, but I also appreciate that being miserable with what I am eating will not contribute to my success, so I allow for the addition of sparingly used EVOO.

In particular, I am going to try this meatloaf, and this recipe for migas, quite likely one of them tonight for dinner. Tofu and I are not friends, but I am ready to extend the effort and give it a try in this fashion. In general, I don’t care for faux versions of stuff I like, and in the past I have opted to do without. I am hoping that if I can tolerate, or even better, enjoy these dishes that something might ckick to make this change sustainable.