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Monday, July 22nd, 2013

On my last update, I didn’t mention the new girl in the house.  Her name is Trudy. Who would’ve thought there might be a different spelling (other than the admin at the vet’s office.

Digital StillCamera Digital StillCameraI learned this morning that if I think she is being cute, I need to point and shoot, and fast. She is terribly frightened by the camera. Truth be told, she is terribly frightened by everything.

When we brought her home for her week long sleepover trial, it was day before before we heard a peep out of her or could even pick her up. If we had to decide on Wednesday night if we were going to keep her, we might have said no because she was just non-interactive and either in her crate, or way back under the computer desk.

Her first hour in our custody had her cowering under the fig tree in the corner of the yard as far removed as she could get. Or so we thought. A few moments after the fig tree fiasco, Trudy found her way between out old fence and our neighbor’s new fence, a space barely wider than she is. Elizabeth had to get out the power tools to disassemble some of the fence in a section of side yard that we keep closed off, and while she did that, I had to grasp enough of her collar to gently tug her toward me. Majorly convoluted…

On Thursday morning, however, she woke up all perky and assimilated like she had decided she would keep us. She has done pretty well, at least until Thomas came to visit. she still is a little unsure about him and barks ferociously if he looks at her.

The first picture is from this morning. I got out the camera to see if I could get a better shot of her, and she went running outside to cower behind the passion flower vine. I f I got any closer, she started trembling so  let her be and snapped what I could. If you look closely at the clearer picture of her, her ears look like they are folded over to the back or something, but not so. Someone used scissors to crop her ears at some point. We think she is about three years old, and hope she is part of the pack for many years to come.

Etsy store, coming soon, and other stuff…

Friday, July 12th, 2013

I was all set to post, and got distracted by a blurb in the latest Food & Wine magazine about Shrubs. I have added a link on the sidebar to a now defunct blog about them so I can read more, and so can you if you are so inclined.

One such previous recent distraction was breaking Wilton’s icing food color when dyeing fiber. In this case, wool and mohair were my victims. Digital StillCameraI started with the Wilton’s purple. The fiber on the left is Gulf coast Native from a fleece I got earlier this year. The fiber on the right is Pin drafted lamb’s wool roving from Catawampus Farms in Maine.

The underside of the fleece has more of the pink and is somewhat darker as it was at the bottom of the pot. I find it interesting that this totally broke, as in there was no dye left in the pot and there is no purple in this fiber anywhere. The dye breaking is a result of the different base colors absorbing at different rates and has little if anything to do with the fiber used. The blue roving took the dye more consistently and it could be that I have some lanolin left on the fleece I processed which is acting as a resist.

Digital StillCameraI was going to wait to try the second experiment, but the first one only took about 20 minutes, so I went on. This is the Wilton’s delphinium blue. The fiber on the left is the same roving as above (a different batch of it) as is the fiber on the right the same fleece (again different amount). In the middle is a sample I got of some  grey mohair. The color of the two wools seems pretty spot on, much more intense then the first effort, likely because I added more dye this time. The purple that resulted on the roving(this time at the bottom of the pot) is interesting since none showed up from the dye that actually was purple. The color of the mohair in reality, is more green-bordering-on-teal than it appears in this photo. I am going to spin some of this up this weekend and see what happens. Stay tuned for that. (I know, you really can’t wait…)

So the etsy store…We have been talking about it forever and in a recent conversation with Weese and MAW via skype, we were pushed over the edge to get it together somehow. LilliMins Artopia will be up and running before the end of the weekend. Elizabeth and I will both be contributing to this effort with our various artistic pursuits. There will be paintings, various mixed media pieces and of course, knitting, weaving, and all sorts of fiber craft stuff. Please, check us out!