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She said yes…again!!

Friday, September 6th, 2013

I have been contemplating our anniversary recently. There are too many dates to consider. We actually met online at the end of April…but then we met face to face on July 13 (I am pretty sure) and I moved to Texas on August 17th…then we had our commitment ceremony on July 16th because it was the closest Saturday…and now we have decided to get married for real on October 15th. Since our commitment ceremony, we have basically celebrated our anniversary beginning on July 16th all the way through August 17th. It’s sort of our version of Europe taking the month of August as vacation. Adding October 15th might be too decadent an anniversary stretch, though I honestly can’t imagine too decadent…crazy talk…

So given that we can fiinally file jointly, we can get married when we visit Weese and
MAW next month in CT, and start getting all our 1000plus benefits we have til now been denied. Actually, I don’t know it will actually benefit us now, but in the future, I think that might change.

October 15th at 11AM, Stratford, CT town hall…who’s coming?