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Summer reading and then some…

Monday, June 16th, 2014

Last month, we went to Austin to see Joan Osborne. The show was nothing short of fabulous, and of course, we can’t go to Austin without a visit to Book Woman. It just isn’t going to happen. I don’t usually have any books in mind before going, but I always manage to find a few that pique my interest. This trip was no exception and I picked up the following:

Secrets was an excellent read and a lesson in the courage to own your history. The blatant telling of delicate secrets in this short book kept me reading until it was finished, cover to cover. Definitely worth the time and energy, and totally making me want this woman as a friend.

I am currently reading She Matters and have not yet read enough to have an idea of what I think about it. It is a bit challenging for me to get into, but I am not yet close to giving up. The other three are still to come and I am looking forward to each of them.

Snooze002 loresSketchbook Skool was a wonderful experience. I haven’t been sketching daily since, but I have been sketching. This is my most recent effort from our trip to Denver last week. I highly recommend the course to anyone even remotely interested. The materials are top notch and there are a lot of friends to be made. In fact, I am meeting up with a woman from class tonight for a sketch date at one of our favorite cafes.

Denver was also a most excellent trip. We went to visit with Irene and also to go to the Estes Park Wool Market. I don’t have any pictures yet, but I got a CVM fleece (2 pounds), and a Bond fleece (3 pounds). These are the first fleeces I was able to choose for myself in person and I am anticipating some awesome fibery goodness in the results. While in Denver, we ate breakfast at Snooze two mornings. Irene took us there on our first visit and now it has become a regular must go on each return. I brought home a bag of their Guatemalan coffee. Very delicious.

In knitting news, I am still working on many projects (quelle surprise), but no pics to share. The knitting continues to be rather challenge free out of necessity, but I like it that way, too. I haven’t been spinning all that much since I went on a weekend spinning retreat (great fun but what happens in LaGrange, stays in LaGrange) last month. Well, that isn’t exactly true. I haven’t been spinning on the wheel that much, but i am making efforts to find some level of competency with a Russian spindle, and I am also working on finishing the never ending pin-drafted Surino (alpaca/merino 70/30) I got in Kentucky last year.

Somehow, I feel as if I am forgetting something big in this update, which if the case, I will just have to post again.