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slowing down

Tuesday, July 1st, 2014

My desk is cleared and I am ready for vacation. I am beyond. Ready.

Life at the office over the last few weeks has been something less than pleasant. Or maybe just a series of curious unpleasantness. It is much the same as it always is, and perhaps my sensitivity to the less-than-pleasantness is solely due to the fact that vacation starts tomorrow. That is all well and good benefit-of-the-doubt thinking, but really I can’t escape soon enough.

A couple of weeks ago we came in one morning to a glade plug-in having been installed in the outer office, the reception area we all have to walk through when we arrive. It’s the office manager’s office and it used to be my office many moons ago, so I can appreciate her wanting it to feel like her office and have it all good-smelly. But it is also a public throughway. The scent was either fresh linen or clean cotton, and while this doesn’t normally bother me, it sort of caught in my throat in a most unpleasant way and triggered a serious allergic-type reaction that sent me coughing. She commented that I should have my bronchitis checked out. I was not sick. The plug-in was not removed. The coughing continued. Eventually I got an email from the boss about not going to the doc and how he just had dinner with someone whose allergist called in an oncologist and that person won’t make it to xmas…I. Am. Not. Sick…I took half of the email day and the following day off purely because I was so pissed off.

We came in following all this one morning, to the entire office having been lysol bombed. My office in particular was heavily sprayed and I was lucky to make it through the day, having to work through a lysol induced migraine. It wasn’t pleasant and I emailed the office mgr asking if she sprayed and explaining (a second time) my scent sensitivities, and how I was working via the migraine and please…please…please…do not spray again in or near my office…her reply was brief and apologetic (barely) saying she was thinking prevention. I. Am. Not. sick!

This morning, I came in to find a box of baking soda spilled near my feet under my desk. It had been poorly taped behind my computer. What the fuck is that about? Oh. And we don’t have a broom and dust pan in the office, nor do we have a vacuum that has a hose attachment. I vacuumed up what I could, but there is a lovely pile of baking soda and the carpet/plastic mat beneath my feet is all baking soda gritty.

Less. Than. Pleasant.

I now get to basically watch the clock until 4 pm when vacation time will officially be here. It seems that everything has slowed down recently, all my online distractions. I think this is just due to summer time offering everyone else other distractions. Unplugging and all that in the name of fresh air and sunshine. A few minor to-do things to keep me from going crazy between now and 4…the countdown’s on…