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settling in

Monday, June 15th, 2015

Yesterday, Elizabeth and I went into the office to move all our shit to a different office. We were fine where we were for the most part, but the new office space is larger and does have other advantages. It  is down the hall and away from all but one editor whose major annoyance will be when he is on speaker phone, which isn’t all that often, so it is much quieter most of the time. It’s also away from the office entrance, so there will be less getting up to sign for packages when the admin is (constantly) away from her desk. I think that is the major advantage. I also like that it is more steps when I have to get a file or see a coworker, but it will be good to get up and move on occasion. Mostly, just being away from the flow of traffic is to my liking. We will still be telecommuting 2 days a week each, so not much is changing other than our location.

The desk that was already in this office is bigger and very heavy making it difficult to move, so we kept my old desk on the old space and I am using this new one. It is a larger surface area, but I had a second desk piece in the old office, making an L-shaped desk which afforded more surface area for my stuff…office mise-en-place if you will…toys, books, stationery, colored pencils (and various other art supplies). Finding where everything goes in the new space is today’s challenge. Also weeding out some stuff that might not have a place. The latter is the true challenge since I had pretty well curated the collection recently to suit the old space.

Also, deciding what art will go back on the wall. I think before I actually hang anything, I will see if there might be something at home to swap out. We already took home the two large pieces yesterday, and I don’t absolutely love all of my smaller pieces so I am taking the time to figure it out. Deciding where to put my fan is the biggest issue at the moment. It gets a lot warmer in this office in the afternoon, so it is a necessity, but I am not sure where the best vantage point for it will be. I had thought just on the corner of my desk, but it takes up too much real estate for that. I have gotten used to it being on the floor and blowing up, so for now, that will suffice.

Garden Fresh

Friday, June 12th, 2015

Last weekend, i was on retreat with my lady friends in La Grange, TX. We gather there at a lovely place to explore fibery goodness. Mostly, we spin, but there is some knitting and weaving going on as well. It’s an open forum for us to explore and learn from each other. This was the 4th year and I think the largest group to date, 20 of us.

Each year, I have volunteered to make breakfast on Saturday morning. Lunch and dinners are provided for us, and one of the women brings eggs for us from her chickens. I make scrambled eggs with some cream and brie and a side dollop of pesto which I make with whatever I have on hand, using whatever herbs are bountiful from the garden. This year, I used mostly basil with a good handful of sage and parsley. To that, I added olive oil, parmesan, garlic and pecans. It was a big enough batch that I left half of it home.

With the pesto, I made a pasta salad. I had De Cecco Acini Di Pepe Pasta No 78 on hand. It’s small pearly pasta which I add a lot to soups. Martha had given me pecans from her yard which she toasted. A good handful or three of those were rough chopped and added. I finely inced some onion, and rough chopped some snow peas. There were some small peppers and tomatoes from the garden and I also added some chives.

A couple weeks ago, we picked up a plant at the nursery that said “use as spinach”…I am still trying to get the name of it. It is a little green on its own, but chopped up in a pasta salad? Yes, please.

I have made it twice this week and it is tres yumm. I just had the last of it for lunch with 2 hard boiled eggs chopped into it. We have a bit of an egg surplus at the moment so I hard boiled a dozen plus earlier in the week and peeled them so they are ready and waiting in the fridge…brilliant. I made up a bowl of egg salad using a healthy handful of dill from the garden and it might be time for some more of that, too.

My goal is to migrate toward more fresh ingredient eating this summer using this as a loose guideline to see how an anti-inflammatory plan might help resolve my woes…