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Ready for December

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Mostly because Dec 1st brings vacation, I am ready. I wish I could say it was clever planning, but in reality it was a happy accident that I only have one full work week in December. Next year, it will be clever planning, I hope. I am working today, not technically December, but the first week of December, and it shall be a one day work weekas I fly off to NJ early tomorrow morning. I fly back on the 8th and that will be a 3 day work week. The third week of the month will be my full work week, culminating with our office xmas dinner, so still a bright spot in the week…Then the following 2 weeks are 2 day work weeks because of holiday closures.

While it’s true that the art department usually works through the holiday, and this year is no exception, at least those closed days we have to work will be rather quiet. No nonsense, come to the office to get shit done sort of days are among my favorite. And then the time I have to work is comped early in the following year. I might be the only one who officially takes advantage of this policy.

The past 3 years (I am pretty sure it is 3) I have taken the time in the form of a spinning retreat at Mo Ranch with Judith MacKenzie. It has been wonderful. This year, PLY magazine is having it’s first spinning retreat in Kansas City. If it were not following directly behind Mo Ranch, I would figure out a way to do both. I will seriously miss the week spent with Judith. And of course, I am holding out hope that she will be at Ply Away.

Yay for December!!