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A knitting we will go

Friday, December 18th, 2015

leftie005Just a brief edit to add a scan of the finished Leftie! The pattern should have ended before the wide neon stripes but I still had a lot of yarn left, so I kept knitting and switched the main and contrast colors.


I feel like my spinning mojo might be on hiatus. The past month or thereabouts, it has been all knitting, all the time. Well, not exactly all the time, but you know what I mean. I have been a knitting fool. I have about 5 pairs of mitts in the done box, I finished my Leftie, finally, and have selected a new epic knit (that has already been in progress a few years.

Actually, I just checked my Ravelry project page, and I started this epic knit on August 28th, 2011. That is long, even for me. It started out as a good idea, yea, baby…let’s do the epic version!! Well, in this case, epic also means boring, but for the color changes. It’s linen stitch, and I cast on 600, shooting for a finished (EPIC) fabric that would be maybe 3×6 feet. Crazy talk, gay linen stitch005

This image is from the beginning, when the idea was fresh and new! That was 2 inches of the 3 feet width I was hoping for and currently, there is 6 and a half inches, so progress has been made. And in my defense, while looking for that original pic, I scrolled through a LOT of finished knits. So I am going to challenge myself to see if I can finish this in 2016. I am going to keep it as my office knitting and maybe also use it as travel knitting, too.

The office knitting sort of plods along, but all those stolen moments do indeed add up, as proven this year when I completed the Leftie shawl. I loved it when I started it, but did it ever drag on once the love waned…I will have to take a pic of the finished Leftie and add it later.

The recent knitting jag has also included a few hats…a blue one for Deborah, a purple one for Jaye, a red one (that should arrive today or tomorrow, and a green one that is going into the finished box. I started a magic ball scarf, too, from a magic ball of leftover yarn bits. It’s a little crazy and isn’t behaving as I might prefer, but I think I am going to just go with it since it has no final destination. I am going to wind another magic ball this afternoon so I can make it bigger, because you know, I just haven’t learned my lesson yet about the epic knitting…