Spinzilla update

spinzilla work batts002lores To the left is a scan of 2 batts I made with all my recent fiber waste. I brought them in to work this week to spin up on my Kundert drop spindle. It has 3 shafts, so I could spin and go, and hopefully figure out how to best ply the singles together. I have finished the darker batt and am about half way through the lighter batt. Since it is all waste, I really don’t have to pay much attention to how it is spinning up. I will knit it up into a hat or mitts for a charity project.

This is the darker batt when it was about half done. I had a bit of an allergic reaction this afternoon, so I am guessing something in the mix of these batts might be the cause.

But it is also just as possible that it is stress related. I am majorly stressed (for me) at the moment about work. There isn’t really anything I can identify as being the culprit as everything is pretty much the same as it has always been. If I could have a tantrum and get my own office, I feel like I might find an even keel once again, but the bspinzilla work batts003loresoss does not respond well to tantrums (and really, I don’t enjoy having them) so I feel like waiting it out is the only solution. We are almost done adding some office space and I am trying to remain expectation free about the outcome of whether or not I will get one of the new offices. I feel a little Gollum about it…my precious…

This is the big batt all finishedI like the occasional pops of neon green and wish there was a little more of that. I will measure the yardage and hopefully find I have enough for a shawl.

barry 1 2plyIn the finished yellow/orange, there is definitely enough yardage for something substantial, though I am not sure how much it will puff up when I wash it to set the twist. spinzilla plying 1So many variables yet to fall into place.

Judith woolsilk singlesThe final image is half of a wool, silk, 50/50 mix dyed by Judith MacKenzie. I am spinning the second half of it when I get home in an effort to slough off the sludge of office stress from the week. Hopefully it will do the trick. I am not sure what sort of yardage I will get from it as it is only 2 ounces, but I am sure I can find or spin something to combine it with for some dreamy knitting once I am done with the dreamy spinning. Soft and luscious all around with 50% silk!!

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