Color Affection Shawl

In my last post, there are links to images that were the inspiration for the yarn I just finished spinning. On my new spinning wheel (more on that in a future post). Here is the finished yarn all spun up. Crappy images as I forgot the camera and have just scanned them in an effort to get a post up.

This is my before and after compilation. The multi color is Figs, and then the coordinates are Coral and Plum. This is my second wheel spun yarn and I am pleased with my efforts. The pattern I am going to knit calls for more yardage, but I think I can make it work if I fudge it a little if necessary. I got 277 yards of figs, 306 yards of Plum, and 312 yards of Coral. The Color Affection Shawl is slated to be my road trip knitting on the way to Rhinebeck in October, but it might get knit sooner because knitting with my handspun yarn will translate to modifications I need to make to my spinning. The learning curve is pretty steep at this point.

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