All spinning all the time…

Not really, but it sure seems like it. I have been working on my Color Affection and will evaluate it tonight. It might be nearly done. From reading the pattern, I thought that the short row section went all the way to the second side, but having seen a few finished (and correctly) versions in person, I now know it doesn’t. I need to check and see if mine looks like I have gone far enough with the short rows. My problem came from using the lesser number of rows in the first section and then again in the second section, knowing this didn’t correspond to the same version which would result in my stitch count being off. I didn’t think it would matter because the pattern seemed to indicate that the short rows go all the way across the third section. They don’t.

This is a shot of the shawl in progress from the point I was when we left for Rhinebeck. It was the only road trip knitting I took, and I really thought I would finish it along the way. Didn’t happen. I made good progress, though, and I am going to be on a push now to get it finished, perhaps making it my constant companion.

I recently tossed my stash and found about 8 WIPs that need finishing so once Color Affection is done, I am going to try to plow right through the rest of them.

On another note, Clare was none too happy about modeling my first spin to knit finished object. The pattern is the Very Braidy Cowl. the fiber is from Three Waters Farm and I got it in a Ravelry destash. I spun it on a spindle and then chain plied it on my wheel. The entire time I worked with this fiber, I was thinking of my friend Lisa, so off in the mail it went to her and she likes it. Very squooshy and soft and definitely good colors for her.

there is plenty of other spinning going on, have no fear…

Houston has recently gotten its first Trader Joe’s store and frankly, I was unimpressed. I can’t really say what my expectations were, but I was somewhat disappointed. that said, we will in all likelihood be going back on a regular basis. First off, it was love at first bite of Mango Mochi. There are other flavors of Mochi, but I might be hopelessly devoted to mango. Then there are the little mini cracker things of both the plain and soy/multigrain varieties. Love them. The cranberry orange scones were also a delight. And finally (this go round), their mild Italian sausage is pretty near perfect.

Last night I made the sausage with some onions, and escarole and peppers from our farm box. I have never cooked escarole before but at least now I know what to do with it. I have been using my enameled cast iron dutch oven a lot lately and it has become my favorite one pot pan. I sauteed the onions and peppers with some garlic in a little olive oil for about 5 mins until soft and then I added the sausage links and browned on two sides. I added a can of peeled and diced tomatoes with all there juices and a can full of water. Once that came up to a boil, I reduced the heat to a simmer and then added the escarole without stirring it in and covered the pot for about thirty minutes. Then of course, I went to spin and forget about it. After 30 mins or so, I gave it a stir and proclaimed it done. The sausage was very tender and the greens and other veg all nicely combined. Leftovers for lunch will be awesome.

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